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About Assign Recruitment

ASSIGN is a Parramatta-based recruitment company. Our clients include private companies and statutory authorities with offices in the Western suburbs of Sydney.

They know the region and they recruit people who live, and want to work, in Western Sydney. The staff they submit carefully selected and tested for appropriate skills. Their qualifications are scrutinised closely and their references are checked rigorously.

ASSIGN is a privately-owned company founded by Margaret Wilton. It has achieved phenomenal growth in the past 14 years — proof that ASSIGN delivers to its clients. Assign Recruitment understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in every workplace and community space.

Money Saved

In the past every time there is a new award, changes to the award or increases to pay rates it takes several people several days to manually correct this information

Set Margins

We know in our system margins are correct, we can quote on business quickly and easily because we have ratescalc working for us.

No More Manual Spreadsheets

Eliminating manual spreadsheets was one of the key benefits of using ratescalc.com. No more manual handling

Reliance on Managers

Having to wait for managers to sign off and double check quotes and margins something we no longer have to worry about.






Western Sydney,NSW Australia


reliance on managers, double handling and manual spreadsheets

Challenging times...

Like many recruitment agencies for Assign in the past, the most difficult time of the year was the change in rates and rate increase issued by Fair Work, usually around the 1st of July every year when rates change. We were using in house excel spreadsheets to manage this process. There was so much back and forth and the processes were so time-consuming.

“Being in the recruitment industry for so long and I have seen it all in the last 15 years and I have seen a lot of ways to make this process easier.”

“It was a bit of scramble to get all the updated information in the system quickly and accurately and we used manual spreadsheets and then personalised letters, email letters and we would wait for a response from our clients and the task was so huge ”

Danielle Stone

‘Everything is now online, no sending terms, quote quickly and can be approved in 5 mins which is such a difference from the processes of the past’.

It's a huge gain...

Now, these processes are no issue, updating rates really doesn’t involve us, as we know ratescalc.com will have it all updated so we are loving this aspect and it saves so much time.

Saving Time – is the biggest positive outcome for our business, it’s a huge gain and it makes us able to focus on other areas.

Everything is now online – no sending terms, quote quickly and can be approved in 5 mins which is such a difference from the processes of the past which were so time-consuming and so much back and forth

Peace of Mind – Margin consistency was not one of our biggest issues before but now, knowing that the templates keep the rates right is peace of mind – a lot of leg work and then once it’s set up and running then the consultants have the responsibility to work with the application.

“I know now there are less mistakes made. Less double checking as now consultants are empowered to set rates and check and in addition to that there are multiple checks in place.”

Productivity Gains

Danielle says “Consultants are the people using the system most and they work rates for each client and for each job, it makes their life easier and management easier. The application is so easy to use and it’s second nature once it gets going.”

Speed of Quoting

Speed of quoting and a consistent processes as well as the use of embedded employment contracts which make it so easy. ratescalc.com gives you a competitive edge.

Correct Margins

Ratescalc allows you to set margins to suit your business and processes we ensure we don’t have errors in margins by using it to set the scale.

For Assign Recruitment the best part is...

“For any business that wants to save time, improve processes and give responsibility to their consultants, ratescalc is a great option.

It works seamlessly and integrates with the current systems we use. Ratescalc.com easily handles margins, rates, signing etc. They just make it so easy. I can’t speak highly enough of ratescalc.com and the product features. ”

“Once we discovered ratescalc we just thought it was the best creation ever!”

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