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Australian Business has built a reputation for helping businesses of all sizes to maximise their potential and achieve their goals. Everything they do is designed to simplify, manage and grow business in tangible ways. 

Driven by the ideals of the international business chamber movement, Australian Business has a unique commitment to foster national prosperity. Surplus funds are funnelled back into initiatives such as research, advocacy and lobbying governments to support a thriving commercial environment.

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Saves Money

This application has saved money by correctly calculating pay rates and ensuring margins on quoted projects are correct. ABSG have maintained valuable margin using ratescalc.com

Correct Margins

Margins are maintained in ratescalc and they are accurate each and everytime, this give peace of mind knowing quotes are done correctly

Robust Calculator

ratescalc.com is especially helpful in calculating overtime award rates. It does all the work in the backend, so there is no more guessing

Management of Increases

No more heavy lifting when it comes to increases from Fair Work, it's handled easily and quickly by ratescalc.com


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 Australia Wide


Accurate Margins & Managing Awards and Increases

Time are changing.

With a changing business landscape and difference in how pay rates, awards and increases have been handled from previous years it’s important to stay in front of these changes. Using ratescalc.com has provided a level of governance and compliance to awards which is extra security knowing that it’s working away in the background.  

The platform has been especially helpful in calculating overtime award rates which are sometime difficult to manage. 

“This tool is excellent for companies who on hire labour who may not currently have a tool that staff can easily use to calculate pay and charge rates, whilst getting it right every time.”

Glenn Genrich

‘Labour hire is a low margin industry and paying or charging incorrectly can cost you valuable margin’.

Ease of use.

There are lots of features of ratescalc.com that ABSG use daily however the three most valuable benefits are:

Ease of Use – its a simple, no fuss software platform that is easy to learn and operate

Options – providing lots of options for users, it allows you to use margin or mark up, dollars and flat rates. It’s versatile.

Control – Governance and compliance are two big issues and ratescalc.com lets us fully control that process taking the pressure off

“The ratescalc.com team are always interested in constructive feedback to improve their product and are quick to assist staff who are new to learning the system navigate to software.”

Productivity Gains

Handling tenders and ensuring all the parts are accurately quoted upon is a key benefit. 

Double Checking

Knowing ratescalc.com is working away in the background ensuring that the company is fully compliant and not relying on humans who sometimes make mistakes.


Digitising and automating processes like this makes businesses more efficient allowing them to respond more rapidly to clients and win more business in the long run.

For ABSG the best part is...

“Picking up inaccuracies in old rates is a key feature.  ratescalc.com is speedy in updating old rates when applying award increases, it provides professional consistent delivery of quotes.”

“Previously over quoting on labour-hire tenders due to misunderstanding of how to apply correct overtime resulted in us being non-competitive with our response and we were losing tenders’. That’s in the past now.”

Can you afford not to have ratescalc.com?

“Our annual increases are a lot more effective now.”

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