"We can trust the data is right each and every time."

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About AWX

The business is Australian owned and is all about working with individuals to help the achieve their career goals, which also helping clients to manage their workforce.  The company provides contract staffing and human resources outsourcing service to a range of key industries including: community services, childcare, healthcare, nursing, IT, blue collar and hospitality. 



Our big win is compliance this is where the company has complete and total peace of mind, we know that the pay rates that are processed in Ratescalc.com are completely accurate and we have trust in the application.


Productivity is very important in a large scale enterprise business. Anywhere that gains can be found in terms of productivity are worth pursuing. Ratescalc.com has really made a difference to what we are able to manage and how quickly we react.

Speed to Market

There are so many processes that we now handle quickly and efficiently. This software gives us speed to market. Our consultants can accurately quote in moments, this gives us a huge time advantage.

No More Manual Spreadsheets

We are very pleased that we no longer need to handle updates and award changes from Fair Work manually. We can leave this to the technology and we can be sure they are accurate and inline with legislation.


General staffing, Recruitment, Labour-hire and Workforce Management. 






Manual practices and processes, looking to streamline and increase productivity and accuracy.  Peace of mind on compliance and governance. 

Reducing overheads on compliance is a big win...

We were actively looking for a solution to our concerns around compliance and governance and keeping up with the legislation.  There are so many changes in our market place and so many aspects that require consideration. We want to ensure that we are always on top of these aspects and the information that we provide to both clients and candidates are 100% accurate at all times. Ratescalc.com is our insurance that we have these processes completely under control. 

“ It is reassuring that the job is being done for you, all this happens in the background and the data is correct each and every time. We can get on with what we do well."

Zach Hook

"We use the approval processing within Ratescalc.com with lots of transactions, it allows managers to have an excellent overview of the quotations process, it removes the wait times and supports our consultants in their efforts."

The support over the years has been excellent...

For the team at AWX the best aspect of using Ratescalc.com are:

Compliance & Governance – Low risk, we know Ratescalc.com is doing what it does in the background, it allows us to control the processing but we can rely completely on the accuracy. 

Speed -Quoting and providing accurate margins and having those documents returned quickly is just a few of the features of Ratescalc.com

Building our own templates – Ratescalc.com gives us the flexibility to set up the system in a way that suits our business, we can create templates that help us manage information to clients with ease. 

“This application is really a set and forget format, it just does what it is supposed to, it works well and it's very easy to learn and use. "

Zack Hook

Accurate Calculations

Knowing that the calculations within our system are correct and are updated in real time allows us peace of mind and we can get on with winning more business.

Correct Margins

Ratescalc allows you to set margins to suit your business and processes we ensure we don’t have errors in margins by using it to set the scale. Most importantly- Ratescalc’s system provides automatic notifications to ensure nothing is missed; therefore correct payment of our diverse workforce and correct invoicing to our customers.

Speed of Quoting

Speed of quoting and a consistent processes as well as the use of embedded employment contracts which make it so easy. Ratescalc.com gives you a competitive edge.

Are you confident you are handling
pay rates correctly?

Why not invest 10 minutes of your time to see if ratescalc.com can help you manage these difficult processes.

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