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Through his Recruitment Industry advisory business, Rec Tech Solutions, Col identified a significant operational gap and an ongoing compliance problem that no technology platform had a solution for.

This “Ah-Ha” moment drove the conceptual design of RatesCalc in late 2016. After a stringent design, testing, and configuration phase, RatesCalc was launched in March 2018. RatesCalc was developed over two years due to the complexities, risks, and problems the solution solves.

Our tech team led by Col worked on every pay and Modern Award scenario deciphering the convoluted pay landscape of Australia to develop a robust application that allows the end-user to smoothly calculate rates and produce quotes in a simple, efficient, and compliant way.

What is it?

RatesCalc is a quotation tool that can also produce employment schedules for contractors and employers. It is for any business that wants to automate its workflow and ensure legal wages and payroll compliance, rate accuracy, and efficiency.

RatesCalc is a one-of-a-kind technology that is not just a calculator! Its triple underlined value is that it maintains critical employment legislation data, keeping employers compliant.

As a true piece of middleware RatesCalc can integrate within ATS/CRM systems providing a seamless flow of data between operational systems and middle and back-office payroll, billing, and financial systems. What was once a human error-riddled process suddenly became more linear!

RatesCalc protects both your operating profit and your industry reputation. RatesCalc is the software that monitors Fair Work Modern Awards, updates any increases and changes in real-time ensuring that your payroll is processed in accordance with legal standards and legislative requirements. The application also manages margins which can be set & employment contracts that can be linked to awards and pay rates.

It’s not a CRM, a payroll system, an award interpreter, a timesheets solution! It’s a sales enablement tool, a compliance tool, and a tool that enhances middle and back-office functions.

What locations can it support?

RatesCalc supports the Australian market currently with launch internationally in several selected geographies from October 2021.

The Australian company remains privately owned with key team members located in Australia and within the Asia Pacific rim.

The vision of the company continues as it commenced “To be a pioneer, dare to innovate, to lead and ensure all our clients continue to prosper enabling efficient processes in the supply of workforce management.”

The RatesCalc Team


Founder and CEO


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Technical Lead Engineer


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Head of Operations


Marketing & Partner Manager


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