"This has definitely allowed us to win more business"

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About DGT Employment & Training

DGT Employment and Training provides expert workforce employment and development services across Queensland and throughout Australia. For more than 30 years, DGT has optimised capacity and capability for businesses through skilled training courses and programs in order to meet workforce requirements. DGT’s services ensure that businesses reduce workforce, WHS, risk and comply with legislative and regulatory requirements.

As a not-for-profit company, DGT partners with government, industry and businesses to develop employment and training projects for job seekers of all ages, with the objective to gain vital skills and work experience. These projects ensure significant socio-economic benefits and growth to the individuals, their families, and the community.

Money Saved

Time saved in manually looking after increases and changes to awards is huge. Human error is not something to worry about anymore.

Set Margins

Ensuring the margins are correct each and every time is very important and ratescalc.com makes sure the benchmarks are met.

No More Manual Spreadsheets

Eliminating manual spreadsheets was one of the key benefits of using ratescalc.com. No more manual handling

Centralised Management

Processes handled in one central location saves errors and ensures everyone is on the same page.


Group Training, Recruitment, Placement, Apprenticeships & Trainees




Glen Waverley, VIC, Australia


Manual processes, employment contracts, systems processing

Efficiencies are very important...

Streamlining and simplifying processes is an essential part of business.  Finding technology that can not only assist but also ensure all parts of the process are compliant and benchmarked against what the company requires makes this easier. 

For the field consultants having it out there with them and being able to provide quotations and check margins instantly, is very useful for them.  

“Speed to market is definitely a big factor. Having that software be able to create employment contracts and quotations quickly would have definitely allowed us to win business ”

Kris McCue

‘In the past we had one role just looking after the process of manually updating, changing and checking awards and increases, that is all now done by ratescalc.com ’.

The three best things about ratescalc.com:

Compliance – for our business and to protect our business we must be totally compliant and we know we have that covered by using this application. 

Pay Rates & Scales – this is one area we can not afford any mistakes or human error. Having the technology keep us updated each time there is a change is giving us peace of mind.

Increased Efficiency – The time and money savings from having software handle so many of the manual processes has really allowed management and the whole business to be more efficient and timely.

“With templates and documents set up in the system it creates speed for the consultants, streamlines processes and delivers access to information quickly.”

Productivity Gains

Kris says “Consultants are the people using the system most in the field, it makes their life easier and management easier. The application is easy to use and simple.”

Speed to Market

Speed to market is just one of the ways DGT is more competitive and has used the software to their advantage. 

Correct Margins

Ratescalc allows you to set margins to suit your business and processes we ensure we don’t have errors in margins by using it to set the scale.

To other clients?....

“I would suggest pretty strongly that they would implement it if they haven’t already.

We shifted a whole role by using ratescalc.com.  In the past, we had almost one person in charge of this function and had all the knowledge of awards etc and basically just maintaining these complicated spreadsheets and then once we started with ratescalc that then the need transferred. 

We definitely gained some major efficiencies with the application.”

“We look forward to seeing what further improvements on processes we can gain from the application.”

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