Legal Compliance

Compliance, love it or hate it, it has to be done. It also has to be done right. ratescalc does it for you, right out of the box, taking care of the legal compliance, without you having to lift a finger.

Every quote goes out the door with complete statutory on costs, correct rates, correct allowances, correct Award conditions, pre-set margins and your terms and conditions clearly part of every quote you create. 

Click one button to send it off to your client, they receive a professional quote which ticks all the boxes and has you covered from every legal standpoint.

Worried you have out of date rates? With you never need to worry. Rates which are out of date, created from a previous version, under award, with incorrect statutory on costs or below margin thresholds can be easily seen through a icon system allowing you to run your eye over a client, a branch, a state or an award and know you’re always up to date.
It doesn’t matter how many weeks, months or years later, you can always go back, look at all the information on the quote. 
Who created it, who edited it, who approved it. A complete audit trail without you having to search back through years of emails, potentially from staff who have already moved on. Information, at your fingertips. Compliance, done right.
Complete your government, tier one and sticky tenders with ease. 
You can tick all the boxes to confirm you comply with all rate requirements. has you covered.