Modern Award Increases in an instant.

June each year is a time of stress and pressure in the Recruitment Industry. 

The Fair Work bench hands down their decision, and we all scurry to update our rates before the increase is due to be implemented. We’ve got our calculators out, trying to interpret the new increases, trying to apply them to our templates, our current rates, our recent quotes and we always miss something and end up redoing half the work.

We’re only human, it happens. Give yourself a break and have ratescalc do the work for you. Run one report to see all of your rates which are under award for the new increases. Filter it  by client, by status, by state or by branch. Give yourself a complete list of quotes to be updated in minutes, not hours.

This is usually when the hard part starts, but with, you can choose to click one button to update to the new award rates and send off to your client for approval, or you can choose to make some minor edits to adjust your margins, increase the rate above award, or add new terms. Don’t do the mind bending work in spreadsheets, where someone invariably has a copy of the “old” spreadsheet on their desk, and you find out in December they’ve been quoting wrong rates for 6 months.

Control and visibility. That’s what you get with, every day, every quote.