"Now we have the confidence that everything is right"

Below is our case study on how ratescalc.com made life better for Jenny at GTES

About GTES

GTES, a community-owned, not-for-profit, unlisted public company.

GTES (pronounced G-tess), is a not for profit, unlisted public company which was established in May 1985 and has been successfully placing apprentices and trainees across the Riverina Murray region since then.  Also known as Riverina Group Training & Employment Ltd, GTES has assisted many apprentices and trainees gain a qualification and supported them in their journey to a future career and employment across diverse industries and businesses.  GTES is synonymous with customer service excellence and complete apprentice and trainee management.

The GTES Board of Directors are all prominent professionals within the Riverina Murray region and business communities. They believe in, and are committed to, the quality service that GTES provides to its Employers, Employees and the Communities across that catchment.

GTES’s corporate values commit it to being “commercially compassionate” and providing customised, flexible business solutions for Host Employers and Employees alike because “we care”! These values differentiate GTES from other Group Training Organisations and underpin the way we operate and the service we offer.

Set Costings

Once they are set then we know they are right and there is no more error in quoting and costing projects.

Time Saved

Double checking and waiting for confirmation has been eliminated now, we know the system is accurate and efficient.

Reliance on Managers

Having to wait for managers to sign off and double check quotes and margins something we no longer have to worry about.

No More Manual Spreadsheets

Eliminating manual spreadsheets was one of the key benefits of using ratescalc.com. No more manual handling


Apprentiships, Trainees GTO




Wagga Waggaa,NSW Australia


Managing processes internally, setting minimum margins, compliance

Time is precious...

ratescalc.com saves us so much time, all our processes were manual before now we have the confidence that everything is right, accurate and correct especially costings and setting margins.  We know ratescalc.com is doing the double-checking in the background and that is a great help to us. 

Manual spreadsheets were the norm for us and the time involved in implementing increases was the biggest issue.  When we found out about ratescalc at a presentation it was amazing what it could do and we saw that was exactly what we needed to streamline our systems.


“It’s great to be able to set the minimum margin to ensure we are not losing income by underquoting. ”

Jenny Kingdom

‘One of the best things about ratescalc.com is that I can now go on leave for extended time, if it wasn’t for ratescalc I could never take leave around June or July.  Someone always had to be there to do the costings and the changes’.

Streamlined processes...

Jenny says ‘The software performs as it says it does and it does all of what we need it to do”, the three best things about using ratescalc are:

Saving Time – This is a big one, quicker turnarounds for quotes is another really great feature of the application

Setting minimum margin – being able to set the margins means we are confident that we are not losing income by underquoting

Centralised system – Now all staff can generate costings whereas before we had ratescalc we went to one central person and we had to wait for that person to check and approve so now we have a much better turnaround time and an ability to react quickly to clients.

"One of the best things about ratescalc.com for Jenny was that now she can go on extended annual leave in June or July. This has made a major impact on my relaxation time with my family and now I can go 4WD with my family instead of staying back and working. I have flexibility now with my leave and I'm not away worrying about if everything has been properly done and corrected"

Centralised System

One system doing the work for all, is so much easier than waiting on one manager to sign off on quotes, rates etc

Speed of Quoting

Speed of quoting knowing that they will be accurate and meeting the benchmarks that have been put in place.

Awards made easy

Ratescalc takes the pain out of managing and handling awards and increases. This is no longer a burden. There is peace of mind knowing they are accurate and in place quickly.

For GTES the best part is...

The efficiencies that have been gained from using ratescalc.com. 

Previously, it took 2-3 people 3 days to review and check and then another manager to double-check awards. This happened at least once a year. A further day in checking penalties etc. Then once the changes were made manually there was still the chance for human error and problems with a miscalculation of leave days etc. 

Not any more, ratescalc does all that for us. 

“I love how you can go in and view the previous quote and you know you are always working with the same costings. ”

Want to let ratescalc do the
heavy lifting?

It only takes 3 steps to get started with ratescalc.com. Why not invest 10 minutes of your time to see if ratescalc.com do the heavy lifting for you?

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