The best Business Development Managers and salespeople know that knowledge is power. As such, there is nothing worse than being blindsided by the unexpected. 

While it may seem straightforward in its…

The best Business Development Managers and salespeople know that knowledge is power. As such, there is nothing worse than being blindsided by the unexpected. 

While it may seem straightforward in its application, the No Surprise rule goes deeper and extends much further than just being prepared.

Let’s take a look at how the No Surprise Rule can and should be applied across our business.

“No Surprise” #1:  External Stakeholders

The sales landscape is ever changing not only in terms of technique and best practice, but more so because it is so reliant on the needs of our clients and the way they choose to run internal processes.

When dealing with clients, it is important to know every aspect of their requirements – not just across their hiring needs, but even down to their administration methods and practices.

Forging a relationship with a client does not stop with the hiring manager. When you sign up to be in a relationship with a client, you are also signing up to a relationship with their back office teams.

It’s important to think about the presentation of quotes, invoicing practices, candidate classifications and generally making sure that every single detail is accurate. No surprise.

Where possible, having a tool like Ratescalc, which is designed to enable users to access all relevant components to easily build an accurate quotation, is a huge advantage. Getting it right the first time increases your client’s level of confidence in you.

No Surprise #2: Candidates

It’s no secret that recruiters get a bad rap when it comes to dealing with candidates; and the reality is, we can’t blame them.

Think about the number of times that we have inadvertently given candidates inaccurate information or even incorrect pay. While you may say you’ve only ever made a mistake or two, here or there – for that single candidate, that mistake in itself was plenty enough!

Candidates desire transparency. Don’t know? Tell them. Can’t do it? Tell them. Any changes? Tell them.

Complete understanding of your candidates’ working conditions in accordance with their employment contracts is a key legislative requirement; particularly with the recent commencement of the Labour Hire Licensing scheme in QLD, VIC and SA

I need to highlight however that it’s not just the legal aspect that is at cost here. Our industry works with people. It is people and their skills that are our main commodity. We have a moral obligation to demonstrate to them that we operate with integrity and remain honest in our dealings. No surprise.

No Surprise #3:  Internal Stakeholders

  1. Recruiters/Resourcers

We’ve all heard it before – the devil is in the detail. The more information recruiters have, the better equipped they are to provide a better service.

When dealing with clients and candidates, recruiters need to be on top of their game at all times. No surprise!

It is every recruiter’s responsibility to gather all correct information relevant to the job they are looking to source for. Think about work and safety conditions, transportation access, and even food and drink facilities. No detail is too small. These seemingly minor details are what will help you sell with integrity; in turn, allowing your candidate to make their own informed decisions. It will position you are a professional at what you do and people will want to work with you.

  1. Payroll and Accounts Payable

Do you pay your staff and contractors? Of course you do. Are you paying them correctly? It’s very easy to make mistakes.

Australia has some of the most complex employment laws in the world, which often result in problems for both employers and employees. It’s safe to say that even for the most seasoned HR professionals, drafting contracts for new hires can be quite a task. This does not even include the added work of amending contracts when there are changes to agreements and awards.

It’s important to note that errors such as this affect not only the candidate, but there is a domino effect that takes place resulting in amendments and recalculations; and involving several teams such as HR, Administration, Payroll and Accounting.

Think about it. It can take anywhere between 15-45 minutes to fix up a payroll error, which involves recalculating superannuation and PAYG tax entitlements. The average Accounts Payable Administrator costs a business between $40- $45 an hour. So not only is there additional workload created, there is also a significant hidden cost of approximately $10-$30 per invoice involved. So, it’s important to make sure there are – you guessed it – no surprises!

Strengthen Your Career

These sets of “No Surprise Rules” are the best method you can apply to your day to day activities to empower yourself or your team with. Not only does it encourage strong relations and communications, it also reinforces the need to think ahead and anticipate needs.

Nothing is ever as it seems. A career in sales means that you are always dealing and partnering with people. It’s not just about the people that you engage with on the forefront though. There is a much wider group that serves as the backbone of every organisation – they are the back-office teams, the unspoken heroes! If you upset your back-office teams then by crikey, you are riding on nothing but the short coat tails of career in Recruitment.

Ratescalc makes all these seemingly herculean tasks all very manageable. With all the current awards and agreements already in the system, the margin for error is virtually zero.

Each agreement is updated prior to the maturation date, allowing all users to always be ahead. There simply is no excuse.

Furthermore, Ratescalc has the functionality to provide employment contracts to your candidates relating to the assignment engagement! No more wasted time typing and writing employment/job data in templates – it’s automatic and it reduces the chance of error. No surprise guaranteed.


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