"There is nothing else like it on the market"

Read more about how Ali from Onsite Recruitment uses ratescalc.com to make like easier.

About Onsite Recruitment

OnSite Recruitment was formed in 2013, our founders have over 25 years experience in recruitment. They realised there was a gap in the industrial sector recruitment market.

Partnering with our sister company Foresite Training followed by Arbortrim Training, we created a solution providing training and recruitment hand-in-hand. 

Our candidates have either years of experience or are fresh from completing their training courses.  The feedback we receive from our clients is always positive as we work hard to match skills and abilities with each role we fulfill.

Time Saved

Every time awards were updated through Fair Work we had to use manual spreadsheets and navigate the changes, having ratescalc.com do this for us really
saved a lot of time.

Human Error

In the past we had issues with human error when it came to awards. Now we have 2 people smashing out 50 rates in a short time rather than 2-3 people taking a week to do it.

No More Manual Spreadsheets

Eliminating manual spreadsheets was one of the key benefits of using ratescalc.com. No more manual handling

Time Poor

Being time poor and having to handle all the financial functions of the business has been made easier by having ratescalc.com, do some of the heavy lifting on rates.






Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Manual spreadsheets & Human error

Compliance is the key...

Compliance is key when it comes to protecting your business and ensuring that in all areas such as pay rates, awards, increases and margins the figures are accurate and can be quickly applied. 

Integrating ratescalc.com in with FastTrack360 for Onsite Recruitment was important to ensure a seamless process between the two. 

“It's a simple and easy to use process application, I have trained others on how to use it and it's great because it's not too complex."

Ali Crawford

‘It’s definitely been a time saver, it’s a great product and there is nothing else like it in the market’.

Feature rich software.

ratescalc.com is feature-rich software it takes care of so many important aspects of the business. For Ali, at Onsite Recruitment these are three of the most important features:

Saving Time – is the biggest positive outcome for our business, not relying on one or two people to ensure the awards are handled and getting rid of spreadsheets was the best part.

Compliance – once again compliance is one of the main benefits to using ratescalc.com. Working away in the backend making sure that all the pay rates are accurate and updated quickly.

Correcting Human Error – No longer leaving anything to chance. We know if there is an error that it will be picked up and corrected in the system.

“The templates are used frequently especially towards the end of the year for us and as they change it become more and more important”

Less Time, Less Often

It takes less time to manage increases and changes and we have to do it less often thanks to ratescalc.com 

Utilise the Software

Make the most of the software, let the system handle the difficult tasks


Peace of mind knowing that ratescalc.com is accurate is part of the benefits of using a software application like this.

For Onsite Recruitment the best part is...

‘Knowing that we are fully compliant and there are no issues going on that we are unaware of, we have that peace of mind and can get on with other tasks.”

“As soon as the system was shown to us we had no hesitation and jumped on board.”

Ready to ensure your business is compliant?

We have made it really easy to start using ratescalc.com.  Let’s make sure your business is compliant                like Onsite Recruitment.

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