Our company is a collective of amazing people developing software like no other.

We’ve been there, we’ve done it, we know the pain points, and we want to solve them. We get you, we’ve been you!

The creators of ratescalc are seasoned industry professionals with a combined 60 years working within the recruitment industry, specifically in the ‘On Hire’ and contractor workforce marketplace. Our software engineers know what our customers need and how to save them time and money automating everyday processes. 

How many times have you spoken to someone and they just don’t understand the flow. You’ll never get that with ratescalc. With our vast industry experience, we get where you’re going and what you’re trying to achieve every time. Spend less time explaining what you do and more time letting us give you what you need.

Finding great staff is a hard game and paying them correctly is challenging, let ratescalc.com take the stress and worry out of quoting. Do what you’re good at, get new clients, fill jobs, quote new projects, all the time knowing you have the tools at your fingertips. 

Designed by recruiters, for recruiters to let you get on with the job and get a good night’s rest, knowing you’re not the next ones to make news headlines for underpaying wages.

Business protection like no other.

Whilst the recruitment industry is where the need for ratescalc.com first started, we know that the challenge of running a successful, profitable business is not only dependent on commercial savviness, but the ability to understand the market. This product can be applied to any business that employs people, it is an essential business protection to ensure correct payments and wages are being applied.  

We are continuously striving to make the software better and improving processes so that our clients stay on the cutting edge of their industries.  Col Levander, our founder has depth of experience in contingent and contractor workforce management solutions. Col has engaged some of the best talent to support the ratescalc journey, locally in Australia and into international markets.

Connect with our team

Col Levander

Founder & CEO

Col Levander has worked within the Recruitment Industry for nearly 30 years, specifically the contingent staffing market.  As a visionary and entrepreneur, Col continues to innovate and improve systems and software for business and lead the team and clients to success. Managing the team in various locations and keeping the ratescalc.com family together. 

Donna Swinbourne

CLIENT Superstar

Donna is focused both on sales and onboarding of new clients as well as support for existing Ratescalc clients.  Donna has had  20+ years in recruitment which has spanned both internal and agency recruitment in a diverse client base across Australia.

She is the point of call for most clients and builds strong relationships and strives for client success.

Chantal Brockman

training ninja

For over 15 years, Chantal has been part of the recruitment industry; as a recruiter, a trainer and business owner.  Chantal’s training is tailored to meet the requirements of the business and users, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Her training is delivered with simple effectiveness, to minimise time away from the business and ensure the learning is sustainable beyond the virtual classroom.

Georgia Mandarino

marketing master

Georgia’s experience comes from working in many marketing roles over the years, from recruitment to pharmaceuticals, international conferences, art materials and more. A specialist in social media, digital marketing and traditional marketing management. She combines her understanding of the ratescalc.com product and of our clients needs to ensure the company and the team have successful outcomes and a focus on future growth for ratescalc.com.

Lauren Baldovino

CUstomer Success hero

Lauren has been working as a software developer, technical consultant and Pre-Computer Studies teacher since 2012. Lauren uses her strong technical and communication skills to contribute to the enhancement of our platform through technical writing, testing and process mapping.  Lauren is also responsible for technical support to all our amazing clients and provides all those extra things required for successful implementation of ratescalc.com.

Rowena Alipar

PHP DEVELOPER extraordinaire

Rowena brings to our team many years of software developer experience, with 9 years of professional experience in building and maintaining SaaS (Software as a Service) applications in an Agile environments (Scrum, Kanban) with back-end development using PHP and LAMP stack solutions. She is an integral part of developing ratescalc.com with our integration partners and adapting to our clients needs.

Gem Rebojo

development lead

Through Gem’s 13 years of professional experience, she has gained an excellent reputation for her attention to detail on the usability aspects of websites and backend development and she has combined this with her creative problem solving skills. Her warm and refreshing approach to projects really benefits the team as she manages and supports the offshore technical team. 

Phil Mascall


Phils experience is vast, he has worked in the recruitment industry for many years and is an expert of payroll and awards. He is a master at all aspect of awards.  He applies his many years of experience and ensures that ratescalc is the amazing product it is today and in the future. 

With the focus on continued improvements Phil is an integral part of the team.

Hayley French

Project Services guru

Hayley brings over 20 years of Business Management, Human Resources & Workplace Safety experience in the blue-collar recruitment industry. Hayley adds another string to our training and operational management bow, with a balanced approach to client needs and business systems.
Hayley delivers client focussed training and operational excellence.

Tired of manually handling wage compliance?

Why not invest a little time in finding out ways to protect your business from wage theft and keep up to date with legal compliance and employment law. 

Our demos are informative and not salesy. ratescalc.com speaks for itself.