"This is really a no-brainer"

Read about how Pandanus Workforce used ratescalc to save themselves lots of time and money

About Pandanus

Peter Remfrey, grew up on Wurrumiyanga on Bathurst Island in the Northern Territory. While not of Indigenous heritage himself, Peter was fluent in the Tiwi language and his upbringing instilled a passion for keeping culture strong while advocating for socioeconomic change and employment within the Indigenous landscape.

Peter Remfrey and Pandanus Group have specialised in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander employment for over 25 years.

Pandanus Group has helped more than 4,500 Indigenous Australians to achieve meaningful employment and establish long-term career pathways across various labouring industry sectors.

$5700 each time

Pandanus saved at least $5700 each time the awards were updated or an increase was issues by Fair Work.

Increased Business

Speed to market was a big win for Pandanus and by having ratescalc working in the background this was vastly improved.

Streamlined Processes

Efficient and streamlined processes were achieved once ratescalc.com was able to automate many processes

No More Manual Spreadsheets

Eliminating manual spreadsheets was one of the key benefits of using ratescalc.com. No more manual handling


Indigenous Labour Hire/Roads & Infrastructure




Brisbane, QLD Australia


Compliance, time and accuracy

So, what's the challenge?

For payroll the process around awards was painful. One thing the payroll staff knew was that working with manual spreadsheets takes hours.

Each time there was an award change 2-3 people from payroll had to assign a good week to handle all the awards. Worst still, now the awards are being issued in stages which means even more time is needed to manage them properly.

Another challenge for Pandanus was eliminating human error and constantly fighting against excel bugs.

“Realistically the biggest thing is it’s speed to market & compliance. I’ve used ratescalc.com for a few years in several businesses and its a ‘no brainer’ to get the platform, why wouldn’t you use an application like this, that did the work for you? ”

Peter Remfrey

‘Being up to date with awards and rates is a huge thing and this problem has been around for a long time’.

Hip Hip Hooray!

Three cheers and three positive outcomes in using the ratescalc.com application. Pandanus knew there had to be a better way, a better process that eliminated time theft, errors and just worked seamlessly. Well, Peter knew from using the software previously that ratescalc.com was the answer.

The three best outcomes in using ratescalc for Pandanus are:

Compliance – price is always front and centre I am able to be competitive where I can and find effeciencies which have been created by having ratescalc.com

Time – Saves lots of time – low cost of entry and low monthly user fee

Ease of Use – Straightforward platform which is very easy to use and navigate, no issues at all

“If a consultant was managing 50 clients before, they can take on more now, it means less double checking and we use it in line with productivity processes and daily, monthly and quarterly meetings.”

Productivity Gains

Peter says, ‘We have more accountability. This allows an individuals to increase KPI’s by using the system, and having it handle those functions.’

Speed of Quoting

“Speed of quoting and a consistent processes as well as the use of embedded employment contracts which make it so easy. ratescalc.com gives you a competitive edge.

Correct Margins

Ratescalc allows you to set margins to suit your business and processes we ensure we don’t have errors in margins by using it to set the scale.

For Pandanus the best part is...

It’s changing the temp market for the better. More compliance. A recent report states 80% labour hire agencies are failing IR space and so to ensure that we were not included in that statistic, we made sure that not only was ratescalc used company wide we also have 3 checks in place before rates are approved.”

“We are very confident having ratescalc.com protecting our processes and we can also invest in other initiatives and PPE with our candidates, it’s all part of what we offer at Pandanus.”

Want to see the application
for yourself?

Why not invest 10 minutes of your time to see if ratescalc.com can help you like it has Pandanus?

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