"We needed a robust and risk mitigating tool for quotes & rates."

View our case study on how Tom Reardon CEO tells us about a tool like Ratescalc.com.

About People Infrastructure

People Infrastructure is a leading Australian workforce management company delivering innovative solutions to workforce challenges faced by Australia’s leading businesses. We operate across four main sectors including healthcare and community care, information technology, specialist services and general staffing.


For our business profitability is key. We need to have robust processes across the business to ensure that we are meeting expectations and we are as efficient as we can be.


We need to be agile and responsive to our clients needs and accuracy is essential for our type of business. Productivity has increased considerably across the business as a whole.

No More Manual Spreadsheets

Thanks to Ratescalc.com we have put manual processes and manual spreadsheets across various departments in the rear vision mirror. We use the technology now to check our rates and compliance and fully maintain all of our client commercial arrangements. We know it's right.

Better Management

Approval settings and transparency across the platform keeping our awards updated and in line with legislation allows us better management procedures and processes. We have an excellent overview of what is happening right across the whole business.


Healthcare & community care, Information technology, Project services, Managed services, General staffing






Better reporting systems, needed higher level control of processes, better governance and higher profitability

Compliance and accurate transactions for us is key...

Our business is complex and diverse.  We were looking to enable our business to drive profitability, we looked at technology and identified Ratescalc.com as the best solution, and from there we became a long term strategic partner with Ratescalc.com.  They have developed bespoke functionality and features specific to our business. 

We have the same issues as most, we work in a transactional environment, sometimes with high staff turnover.   We have auditing requirements, security and reporting requirements, and we are ASX listed. So clearly we needed a robust and risk mitigating tool that could easily handle quotes and rates for us. 

“ We had to ensure all of our business units and our workforce of of thousands of people, were paid correctly and on time with seamless integration in the front office and billing software."

Tom Reardon

"What we found was we ended up with a reduction in back-office payroll teams and redeployment of those staff into other roles within the group with a stronger focus on governance and on the profitability of the business. We now have complete visibility and control around rates and reporting, these are key metrics across the business."

We have a strong partnership with Ratescalc.com developed over many years...

For People Infrastructure the best aspect of using Ratescalc.com are:

Compliance & Governance -Low risk, we know Ratescalc.com is doing its job in the background, we know we have these processes expertly taken care of. 

Efficiencies in the back office – This is where we can streamline our processes and ensure that each and every task is transparent and management have an overview. Commercial management seamlessly from operations to finance.

Works at the coal face – Our consultants are able to quote quickly even for complex client requirements, we know when they do that it is compliant and most importantly the data flow into the platform through time capture and pay and billing software is assured.

“Quite simply there is nothing like Ratescalc.com on the market, we could only have dreamt of this kind of technology with the ability to support our business as Ratescalc.com has."

Accurate Calculations

Knowing that the calculations within our system are correct and are updated in real time allows us peace of mind and we can get on with winning more business.

Correct Margins

Ratescalc allows you to set margins to suit your business and processes we ensure we don’t have errors in margins by using it to set the scale. Most importantly- Ratescalc’s system provides automatic notifications to ensure nothing is missed; therefore correct payment of our diverse workforce and correct invoicing to our customers.

Speed of Quoting

Speed of quoting and a consistent processes as well as the use of embedded employment contracts which make it so easy. Ratescalc.com gives you a competitive edge.

For People Infrastructure, the best part is...

“That from the very beginning we were able to work closely with the technology and the team at Ratescalc.com acknowledged that our business if very different and has unique requirements, from the start they had an excellent understanding of the key industry markets and were aligned to what we were trying to achieve.”

"You can trust them 100%. The team at Ratescalc.com are ethical and they know what they are doing and we have placed a lot of faith in Ratescalc.com with our business and as you can imagine - a massive risk but they have never let us down. We use the tool to achieve quality outcomes and quality service provisions with competitive pricing but at minimal risk to the business. We have more of a relationship business/transactional model across the group and due to this diversity of offering there is nothing that the Ratescalc solution cannot support. We work very differently and Ratescalc.com has matched the way we work."

Tom Reardon

Ready to see how Ratescalc.com can work for you?

Why not invest 10 minutes of your time to see if ratescalc.com can help you like we have for People Infrasture. 

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