"It's our way of knowing we are doing things correctly"

Read more about how our unique application is helping Prestige Staffing do things correctly.

About Prestige Staffing

Prestige Staffing Pty Ltd was established in 1999 with the objective to provide professional staffing solutions to businesses and organisations of any size by way of staffing recruitment, temporary labour-hire and human resource support.

Their aim is to foster integrity, excellence and professionalism in all of our activities. This objective is expressed through their commitment to service employers who pursue similar business values and strengths.

Prestige Staffing Personnel’s dedicated team of talented consultants is committed to providing our clients, employment seekers/candidates and temporary workers with a professional service that’s second-to-none.

With attention to every detail, they take into consideration all factors to achieve their objective of not just meeting, but exceeding expectations.

Set Margins

We know in our system margins are correct, we can quote on business quickly and easily because we have ratescalc working for us.

Money Saved

Efficient and quick processes have allowed us to save money by integrating the front and back end platforms.

No More Manual Spreadsheets

Eliminating manual spreadsheets was one of the key benefits of using ratescalc.com. No human error on spreadsheets

Reliance on Managers

Having to wait for managers to sign off and double check quotes and margins something we no longer have to worry about.


Recruitment & Staffing




Mildura, VIC Australia


Double handling, accurate and reliable award calculations.

Compliance & consistency...

With the calculation of awards and managing updates and increases, ratescalc.com has helped us by moving away from the brainpower and excel spreadsheets as well as relying on human intervention and not to mention an individual’s interpretations.  We have moved now to a system which gives us a lot more accuracy and reliability that those charge rates and calculations are correct. The application handles the various state Workcover rates with ease and this is always an area of contention and concern within the business. This is where the business can run into a lot of problems but if you have ratescalc.com then you are covered. 

“One thing I really like is that the front office system is seamlessly linked into ratescalc and both work together without any trouble, this has saved so much time. ”

Grant Beggs

‘There is a huge reduction in double checking and now other employees or consultants can do the work instead of managers all the time being the only ones that can ensure there are no mistakes or issues and the rates and margins are right’.

This is a great solution...

Prestige Staffing recognised where ratescalc.com could assist them and streamline their processes.  The three best things they like about ratescalc.com are:

Compliance – before ratescalc.com there was loads of work in just checking that we were compliant and then having to manage that process. 

Ease of Use – the system is simple, intuitive and really does all it says

Integration – the way ratescalc.com links to other programs and packages makes it so much easier to have one system and when they work so well with each other you can be sure the business if finding efficiencies.

“I'm not sure that we were fully aware of the problem or the size of it and just knowing how long it took us to manage and get right before we had ratescalc.com.”

Accurate Calculations

Knowing that the calculations within our system are correct and are updated in real time allows us peace of mind and we can get on with winning more business

Speed of Quoting

Speed of quoting and a consistent processes as well as the use of embedded employment contracts which make it so easy. ratescalc.com gives you a competitive edge.

Correct Margins

Ratescalc allows you to set margins to suit your business and processes we ensure we don’t have errors in margins by using it to set the scale.

For Prestige Staffing the best part is...

“It saves big errors from happening and provides consistency on margin allocations and allowed us to easily find some extra time and one of the big things in ensuring overtime interpretations are correct. This could be a big issues and making sure we are not undercharging or overpaying.”

“Anyone running a temp business must have ratescalc.com to ensure all the rates are right and the charge rates are correct. It's essential. It's a platform that works well and does away with doing things manually and compliance is the biggest and more important benefit.”

Want to get rid of your manual processes too?

Why not invest 10 minutes of your time to see if ratescalc.com can help you like we have for Prestige Staffing?

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