Product Description and Payment Terms is a software as a service (SaaS) offering which has been designed to support all business types that provide staffing services and materials and/or both.

The primary function of is to simplify the pay/bill rate calculating process whilst maintaining 100% compliance to Modern Awards, Certified or Enterprise Agreements, PSAs or Client Agreed Rates. The application also generates quote templates and assignment confirmation letters through a seamless 360 degree workflow. consists of the following components:

User licenses

A user license is a single user license of the product.

User hierarchy license types

The product has three license types in its hierarchical structures;

User- A user of the application with no Management or system administration access

Manager- A user of the application that has the authority to approve quotations or over-ride users requests

System administrator- A user of the application that can administrate all licenses on behalf of the organisation/ entity. The system administrator can over-ride a manager user license holder

Payment terms and pricing components

Our licence price is $69 + GST  per user / per month.

The purchase of licenses is paid quarterly in advance with a total cost of $207.00 + GST per user / per quarter.

Professional services

As described in our terms of use there may be requirements for Ratescalc to provide additional programming, design and aligned services to you on a fee-for-service basis. License Fees do not apply to these services. may also be engaged from time to time for training on the platform either face to face with our clients or through web based conferencing. These are additional professional services that will be agreed between both parties before proceeding.