Quotation Tool

Your Quotation Tool Online

The concept of Ratescalc.com™ is not just to enable your business to calculate rates accurately but also to produce quotations for your clients in a number of different formats, branded in your company logo and details. Each quote will be personalised to the individual user based on their user log-in profile built in the system set-up phase.

Quotation Formatting

Ratescalc.com™ has many formats of quotation templates available to suit all business types and supply provision nuances. These formats are specifically designed together with you at the time of setting your company up in the system.

Digital Signatures and Clients Approval

Ratescalc.com™ has reviewed many online signature services and has partnered with Secured Signing™ to deliver a seamless and secure solution for our customers. Not only will this enable you to receive client accepted quotations back quickly without the hassle of scanning and faxing. Secured Signing™ is a digital signing platform underpinned by PKI encrypted digital security to ensure that all quotations sent to your current or prospective clients are signed online without the need for paper and scanning. Dependent on the Recruitment Management system (RMS) or Applicant Tracking system (ATS) or Client Relationship management system that your business uses, some of this data-flow or storage of documentation may also be able to be saved within your operational system.

What about the client experience?

We are glad you asked!

With Ratescalc.com:

  • Your clients receive a quick quote online
  • They immediately and securely approve and sign your quote on their desk top or mobile device (without the hassle of printing, signing then scanning back to you)
  • You can get to work and fill those assignments and projects giving you speed to market like never before!

Clients want to work with suppliers that are easy to deal with, no different to any stakeholder that works with you so the ability to sign on-line will only enhance your partnership from day one!