It’s Tuesday the 21st of May and now the election is (finally!) over, the end of financial year is looming large and will no doubt be upon us faster than…

It’s Tuesday the 21st of May and now the election is (finally!) over, the end of financial year is looming large and will no doubt be upon us faster than Bill Shorten’s resignation. In case you haven’t looked at your calendar recently, in 2019 the 1st July will fall on a Monday, and it’s just 6 short weeks away.

If your business is in the business of providing temps, or any other contingent staffing solutions, this time of year can mean massive headaches with changes to pay rates, overtime rates, allowances and accruals. In 2019 there’s the added stress of less than one week to get it all correct!

Managing the Herculean task of reviewing all the changes in forensic detail can be extremely damaging to your core money making activities. Your teams are frantically updating formulas in excel spreadsheets; creating new jobs in the ATS; requoting clients at the new rates; and so on, across every job and for every client. Meanwhile business development activities are left on the back burner, not through lack of desire, but lack of time.

In 2018, Fair Work made changes to 38 of the 122 modern awards, including changes to the wording and minute detail of allowances, not just the pay rates themselves. We predict there will be more this year.

Australian workplace relations are arguably some of the most complex and dynamic in the world and navigating this landscape can be confusing, time consuming and extremely stressful; with the added fear and cost (both financial and reputational) of compliance breaches and potential margin erosion. It’s really no wonder that July and August are historically some of the slowest revenue generating months all year.

Peace of mind and business as usual

The Ratescalc tool has been a labour of love for a team of industry experts who felt there had to be a better way. The system simplifies the process of updating every aspect of award changes, ensures total compliance, and re-quotes your clients in just a few clicks.

In 2018 we are proud to say that Ratescalc was fully updated and 100% compliant by 3rd July – this year we intend to do even better.

Over the last 12 months we’ve been focusing our efforts on ensuring Ratescalc is fully integrated with the market-leading ATS/CRMs and payroll systems, to make your life even simpler. That work is now complete, so if you’re using Bond, Bullhorn, JobAdder, Jobscience, FastTrack360, RDB or RecruitOnline in your front office, and Astute or PinvoiceR in your back office you really could have a headache free EOFY.

Talk to us to find out how Ratescalc could save your business time, money and all the headaches!

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