As we approach the end of the 17/18 financial year and as finance professionals gear up to close out a massive year of change, one may ask themselves: What else can they throw at us now? With all the changes to Single Touch Payroll, Labour Hire Licensing reporting requirements – it has most certainly been a year of increased pressure for back office teams in our industry.

We now await anxiously for the announcement from Fair Work as to the increase to the modern awards and any changes specifically to some of these. Of course, as seasoned professionals in this industry we are used to these changes year in year out… so what right? Well here is some news that should be ‘Music to your Ears’!
Rates management take so much out of our team’s busy schedules, our margins make our business, they are our businesses’ livelihood, it’s whether we sink or swim on maintaining profitable and sustainable business models.  Finally, it is time to break the habit and look at the alternative, how can we make our pay and bill processes more seamless with accuracy and compliance? Have you ever sat down and wondered/ calculated the time and costs of correcting and reissuing an invoice? Hands up who honestly has?
There is no doubt there is and always will be a disconnect between the flamboyant entrepreneurial spirit of your sales teams and the back-office engine rooms of staffing agencies. It’s not about the chalk and cheese comparatives to personality types, that will never change, but how can we reach a happier medium? How can we ensure that compliance is taken more seriously and put in place the capabilities to ensure the most important detail falls in line with your expectations?
Your teams can’t be expected to understand the numbers like you do, understand the complexity of legislation across so many areas of responsibility not just employment law, discrimination, workplace health and safety whilst also maintaining other tools and systems in the business. It is a pretty tough gig in many transactional environments. So here is the good news that I’m sure will make life easier for you? Right here:
Ratescalc manages all of the modern awards, client EBA’s and collective agreements for your business and ensures even at the odd times (outside of the usual end of financial year changes) that nothing gets missed with increases to allowances and other conditions.
Ratescalc has built the hierarchical capability to manage margins and other business expenses at both the user and client level therefore protecting your business against any other potential mistakes that some not so seasoned professionals can make, even experienced operatives make mistakes but we believe we have you covered!
Ratescalc simplifies the process of calculating rates for all employment types:

The application also has an integrated signing solution that can support quote acceptances including your terms and conditions of business.
If your business works in the supply of contingent staffing services, contractors and materials then join us for a not to be missed Webinar on Friday the 15th of June 2018 at 2 pm.
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Ratescalc is currently integrated into multiple front office applications and payroll systems that support the recruitment industry.