"The way we do things has definitely changed for the better."

Read more about how Ratescalc.com works for Angela at RPR Trades

About RPR Trades

RPR Trades was formed in November 2015 following a management buy-out of the Davidson Trades Business, with the entire staff transitioning to the new company together with clients and candidates.  

The specialised team was highly experienced in helping clients and candidates in metropolitan, regional and remote locations across Australia, on projects of varying size and scope across industries.  They service needs in Construction, Resources, Engineering & Infrastructure, Energy, Operations & Maintenance, Manufacturing and Government.  

They are passionate about delivering their vision to become the pre-eminent provider of safety- focussed, high performance industrial workforce solutions in Australasia, they are planning further expansion beyond their current operations in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.  

No More Manual Spreadsheets

Eliminating manual spreadsheets and streamlining processes was one of the reasons for moving to ratescalc.com

Time Saved

Less waiting for other departments to check quotes or rates. Award increases are handled easily now.

Reliance on Managers

Reduced requirements for other branches to wait for approval for quotations and signing off, all the benchmarks are set for the business.

Improved Processes

Improved ways of working that require less checking and management overview


Labour Hire, Construction, Resources, Engineering & Infrastructure, Energy


6-12 using ratescalc.com


Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne –  Australia


Managing multiple locations, manual processing, the need to standardise processes.

Peace of mind, reassurance...

In the past RPR used manual spreadsheets to manage Award changes and increases, while it’s possible to use this kind of a system it is open to human error and issues arise with multiple locations. 

Using Ratescalc.com helps us ensure that we have double checked and our processes are accurate and secure. It’s really given us peace of mind. 

"The system is simple to use and pick up with little training, it's intuitive and makes sense. I had no trouble."

Angela Blakemore

‘Using Ratescalc.com has reduced the number of emails back and forwards, it’s made checking a lot easier and there is less waiting on others for sign off, you can go in and check the details from anywhere’.

Centralised systems...

For Angela some of the best features of using the Ratescalc.com application is:

No More Manual Processing – The ability to move away from old ways of handling important information to a more central and streamlined way.

Central Templates – It’s helpful that all the templates are in one central location and everyone can access them easily.

Centralised system – Margins are benchmarked and set, everything can be accessed even from other locations at any time using the cloud based system. 

"Support is great and always ready to help, I have learnt a lot from using the system but when I need extra guidance it's easy to contact Ratescalc.com and get direction."

Centralised System

One system doing the work for all, is so much easier than waiting on one manager to sign off on quotes, rates etc

Speed of Quoting

Speed of quoting knowing that they will be accurate and meeting the benchmarks that have been put in place.

Awards made easy

Ratescalc takes the pain out of managing and handling awards and increases. This is no longer a burden. There is peace of mind knowing they are accurate and in place quickly.

For RPR Trades the best part is...

Having a system that is easy to use, works well, has great support and ensures that our rates are right, everything is kept and managed centrally and we are all on the same page across a growing business. 

“I appreciate that it has saved us time with follow up and make awards easier. ”

Ready to see what technology can do for you?

It only takes 3 steps to get started with ratescalc.com. Why not invest 10 minutes of your time to see if ratescalc.com do the heavy lifting for you?

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