"Contract Management is such a big thing"

Read about how ratescalc.com makes business better for Simon at Skillforce Recruitment

About Skillforce Recruitment

At Skillforce Recruitment, our philosophy is simple – to source the greatest talent for a vast range of industries. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach – instead tailoring our service to meet your unique needs. We’re experts in providing external Human Resources as back up to a wide variety of organisations, with flexible options to fill any occupations fast and effectively, and we’re always busy doing exactly that!

That’s why we provide fast and effective Labour Hire, Permanent Placement and Payroll Services from single to bulk engagements.

We pride ourselves on offering such flexible options, because every organisation has different requirements. We’re home to a passionate and highly experienced team who take the time to get to know your business in depth, developing a personalised service and ensure your staffing requirements are met fast and effectively. We’re 100% transparent with all our services and charges, so rest assured you’ll never run into any hidden costs or charges when dealing with us.

Time Savings

Using the in built contracts feature is so quick, it saves so much time. Contracts handling is really important.

Signed Documents

One of the best features is how quickly documents can be signed off inside ratescalc.com

Integrated Platforms

Syncing ratescalc.com with Bullhorn makes things run very smoothly between the two systems.

No More Manual Spreadsheets

Eliminating manual spreadsheets was one of the key benefits of using ratescalc.com. No more manual handling


Labour Hire & Recruitment




Perth, WA, Australia


Contract Mangement, Integration & Compliance

For Labour Hire, contracts are so important.

With ratescalc.com being so easy to use, we can just jump online, put in the information and off we go. With secured signing it makes it even easier to get those contracts back and we can go to work.

Contract management is a huge thing for labour hire and before ratescalc.com it was all manual. Things get missed and forgotten and you don’t realise sometimes. It’s all together now and it makes it so much easier.

“We looked at the system and once we saw it we thought - wow, it would make life so much easier for us. ”

Simon Middlebrook

‘Now we know the contracts are based on awards, so not only are they easy to create but they can be linked to the appropriate award and then send to the client promptly, giving us speed to market’.

Competitive edge.

There are so many efficiencies in using ratescalc.com it’s hard to choose just three, but these are the most important to Simon at Skillforce Recruitment:

Contract Management – Being accurate and prompt in regards to contract management is a huge benefit, it’s just one more task ratescalc.com can handle for us.

Seamless Integration – working in with our existing software platform means it makes life a lot easier for us, navigating what we need from the IT we have, should be easy and with ratescalc it is.

Quick Quotes – Margin consistency and speedy quotes is part of the benefits of using ratescalc and we know that it will do the work for us.

“Awards are difficult at the best of times, some are so long winded and difficult so having ratescalc.com look after this is so much easier.”

Team Work

Having everyone on the same team, knowing how to use the system and setting up all the contracts in one place so that standard documents can be used.

Quick Turnaround

Getting signed contracts back quickly without hours of follow up makes setting up clients and winning business possible.

Speed of Quoting

Speed of quoting and a consistent processes as well as the use of embedded employment contracts which make it so easy. ratescalc.com gives you a competitive edge.

For Skillforce Recruitment the best part is...

“The ease of use and how ratescalc.com handles Contracts. This is the most important feature when it comes to labour hire and we know having them linked to the award is key, it’s a great platform. ”

“Contracts are generated so quickly within ratescalc.com, it makes life a lot easier”

Need help with contracts?

Why not invest 10 minutes of your time and take the first step in sorting your employment contracts

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