Compliance with all aspects of Labour Hire is critical in the business of staffing. Mistakes are costly and the consequences are serious.
Find out how RPR Trades took the reins, saved costs, and gained immeasurable confidence in their practices.

An Interview with RPR Trades

In the recent past, we have been busy working on a significant project with RPR Trades. Following the implementation of, we had a chat with Hayley French, Corporate Services Manager to find out how they are doing.
Why did you engage the services of Ratescalc?
From the first time seeing Ratescalc, we were able to see the value of a system which controlled rate quoting to our clients.
The benefits of centralised quotes, controlled minimum pay rates, clear margins and on-costs, and standardised templates for quotes was too much [for us] to pass up.
We could see that the time saved in maintaining a set of Excel spreadsheet templates versus [using] Ratescalc alone would be a cost saving [in itself].
Tell us about time savings experienced during the requoting processes (EOFY and at other times).
This EOFY we changed every rate we had in our system due to on-cost changes. This could have been a 3 week process of requoting and rechecking old spreadsheets against new.
However, thanks to Ratescalc, one click of a button and some slight tweaks and we were there!
How would you quantify the savings you have made in terms of re-calculating incorrect pays, reissuing invoices, and time spent chasing monies outstanding?
Often when a mistake is made, it is systemic and ends up touching several parts of the business.
Ratescalc has allowed us to identify several areas of concern; and correct these, so that we have the confidence knowing that our calculations are correct.
The process of creating a new quote for a client is simple, correct and professional.
The time saving we experience here, as well as the confidence level in our quoting is exceptional.
In the last year alone, Ratescalc would have saved us over $20k.
Tell me about the margins gained per client from the comparative exercise between Ratescalc and your existing spreadsheets and processes. provides such a consistent tool; whereas our previous spreadsheets were much more haphazard.
Whilst every effort had been put into these templates; as one small change was made to one, the process of rolling this out to all spreadsheets was painful, and never 100% successful.
Our margins are now consistent, correct and now truly known; whereas before, we may have had a % margin in, but due to issues with spreadsheets and on-costs, this was not a true reflection of performance.


It’s clear to us that Hayley is happy with her choice in engaging the services of Ratescalc. Since using Ratescalc, Hayley adds that she has gained considerable confidence. “When people raise questions, I now have the confidence to say Ratescalc will be right – and every time, they are.
We asked Hayley if she had any advice for other business owners who may be in the same boat as RPR Trades were in previously, and she had one thing to say: “Investigate for your business! The cost effectiveness of this tool cannot be underestimated. The cost savings you gain will benefit your business in ways you were unaware of.”