Looking to kickstart your knowledge of the power of is a category killer in terms of fast, secure, accurate and profitable quoting. This platform is a key enabler for Business Developers in winning the race to the client first. From a Sales Management point of view you get granular access to the quoting process by setting hard limits that staff cannot quote below. Financial Controllers love because rates are communicated correctly the first time in the pay cycle; and if you are using a modern RMS then chances are they have an API integration already.

Why don’t you let our Founder Col Levander give you the overview you need now!

Permanent Fixed Term Calculation process

Apprentices Calculation Process

Flat Rate Calculation Process

Casual PAYG Process

RatesCalc Bullhorn Integration

RatesCalc Bullhorn Astute Payroll

Creditor Watch Integration

RDB Now Ratescalc Integration

Recruitonline Integration

Salesforce Integration

Jobscience Discussion

Fasttrack360 Ratescalc Integration