Data Security Policy

There are many businesses that provide data and information to It is important to us that the data provided to us is protected and we maintain adequate data security measures to mitigate unauthorised access and disclosure. accesses a variety of government databases that include but are not limited to;

– The Australian Business Registry
– Fair Work Australia
– And other Private institutions.

To gain access to some of these databases, we are required to maintain high levels of security and practices to prevent unauthorised access and/or misuse. These practices include the implementation of commercially responsible technical, physical and administrative data security safeguards.

The measures implemented are:

  • Locating our servers within Australia, which are hosted in Sydney and Melbourne in a secure, fireproof cage;
  • The server location has 24-hour security with log book access;
  • Protection against unauthorised access to our customer’s data by using data encryption, authentication and regular anti-virus updates, as required;
  • Technology reviews such as software, virus protection and firewall settings;
  • Monitoring our websites through recognised online privacy and security organisations;
  • Regular review of our data privacy, information management and data security practices;
  • Established policies and procedures for securely managing information;
  • Limiting employee access to sensitive information;

Protecting our website using industry standard bit encryption using a SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate. Rigorous process principles are applied to ensure that the interests of individuals and businesses are respected, regardless of how information is collected or disseminated. Where data relates to individuals our principles uphold the privacy principles and the other relevant provisions of the Privacy Act.

Our customers include multinational organisations and some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading companies and they entrust with the security and privacy of their corporate data. These customers expect the highest level of integrity and the privacy and security of their confidential data and is at the foundation of our business. Complying with our Data Security Policy is the highest priority in how we operate and conduct our business.”

Col Levander, Managing Director,

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