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RatesCalc is so unique, there is nothing similar available. It truly is software like no other.


Save Time & Money

With automation of many payroll, compliance and rate allocation processes there are great savings to be made in just that alone when you use this software


Complete Compliance

Keep your pay rates accurate to the relevant award, making sure your business and payroll are totally compliant removing those pesky risks.


Digital Signing

Using our integrated Secured Signing partner, you can send documents and have them signed quickly and effortlessly within the system.


Quick Quotes

Don't let the competition get there before you. Ratescalc.com lets you prepare and sent quotes in just a few clicks directly from inside the platform.


Integration Friendly

RatesCalc can plug into your existing system and work seamlessly with the software you are currently using as a stand-alone or cloud-based software.


No Double Handling

Our system features can be set globally so that you can automate manual processes and ensure that human errors are minimised.

Frequently asked questions

Take a quick read through our FAQs!

Our on-boarding of clients is quicker than you may think. The time it takes is dependant on the complexity of your business, speed in supplying the information and availability for training. We we would happy to give you an accurate timeframe, please call us +61 439 169 999 We will do our best to get you live as quickly as we can!

RatesCalc is built with integrations in mind. We can tailor the platform to plug into the system you are currently using. We have many integration partners with many more being added each week. For a more detailed understanding please email us to discuss [email protected]

Yes for the majority of clients the training we provide with implementation is included. There are some larger clients or clients with staff off shore or with special circumstances which may fall outside of the implementation included in training. We will work with you to ensure that your staff know our software well.

Absolutely, we take security and confidentiality very seriously. We ensure that the areas of compromise are encrypted and safe and your data is always handled in line with our privacy policies and never passed on to others. We understand the business environment and want to ensure you have the confidence to partner with us.

RatesCalc has been designed with the end user in mind. RatesCalc continues to work with many payroll and finance system providers and every quarter we are adding suitable aligned technology partners to our marketplace. Of course every system is different whereas RatesCalc will sync all relevant data to your middle software system or your system can access the data through our API’s. A simple CSV file export can be facilitated from the RatesCalc website with all pay items, notes and if required Job ID’s and Client ID’s. We are there to assist you with this and ensure the smooth exchange of information.

After installation and once your staff are trained the only ongoing cost of RatesCalc is the user license fee and a small maintenance on 1 or 2 components. Your business will have peace of mind knowing that it is protected with updated modern awards and collective agreements saving time and money with the ability to set rates and margins for all staff.

RatesCalc has built custom widgets that pull rates from Fair Work Australia in ‘real time’. Through our technology and OCR (optical character recognition) all definition changes are also monitored and updated with system generated automatic updates to system administrators and managers.

Absolutely, RatesCalc is true middle-ware and can integrate with most systems and platforms, we have a strong API framework and the solutions and ease that RatesCalc offers can be applied to any employer that pays employees. We would be pleased to show you how we can ensure your business is protected.

Pricing built for All Shapes and sizes

Whether you’re a small startup or large enterprise, we’ve got you covered. 


Perfect for start-ups priced from
$ 125 Per User Monthly
  • 1 License / 1 User only
  • Basic Features
  • Basic Support
  • Third-party Value-add partners available


For small businesses priced from
$ 95 Per User Monthly
  • Max of 19 Licenses / users only
  • Standard Features
  • Standard Support
  • Third-party Value-add partners available
  • Integration options available
  • View Only / Spectator licenses priced @ $25 monthly per user


For small to medium businesses
$ 89 Monthly
  • Min 20 Licenses / users only
  • Standard Features
  • Standard Support
  • Integrations options available
  • View Only / Spectator licenses priced @ $25 monthly per user


For much larger enterprises
$ 69 Monthly
  • Min 20 Licenses / users only
  • Premium Features
  • Premium Support
  • Integrations options available
  • View Only / Spectator license levels available
  • View Only / Spectator licenses priced @ $25 monthly per user

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